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Letters to Credit Unions - 2008


​Number ​Subject ​Date ​Status
​08-CU-27 ​Credit Union Financial Trends for the Third Quarter of 2008 December 2008​ ​Active
​08-CU-26 ​Evaluating Loan Participation Programs ​November 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-25 ​Credit Unions Holding Foreclosed Properties as Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets (FRA) ​December 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-24 ​Identity Theft Red Flags and Consumer Reports Address Discrepancies & Records Disposal Procedures AIRES Questionnaires ​October 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-23 ​Central Liquidity Facility ​October 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-22 ​Share Insurance Coverage Enhancements ​October 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-21 ​Credit Union Financial Trends for the First Half of 2008 ​August 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-20 ​Evaluating Current Risks to Credit Unions ​August 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-19 ​Third-Party Relationships: Mortgage Brokers and Correspondents ​August 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-18 ​Educating Members on Share Insurance Coverage ​August 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-17 ​Impact of the Current Mortgage Market on Corporate Credit Unions ​June 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-16 ​Credit Union Financial Trends for the First Quarter of 2008 ​June 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-15 ​Regional Coalitions: Public- Private Partnerships for the Financial Services Sector ​June 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-14 ​Consumer Information for Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage Products ​June 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-13 ​Environmental Liability: Risk Management Guidance ​May 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-12 ​Suspected Money Laundering in the Residential Real Estate Industry Report ​May 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-11 ​NCUA Website Enhancements – Fraud Information Center ​May 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-10 ​Mortgage Loan Fraud Report ​August 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-09 ​Evaluating Third Party Relationships Questionnaire ​April 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-08 ​NCUA's Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) Questionnaires ​April 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-07 ​FFIEC Release of Updated Business Continuity Planning Examination Handbook ​April 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-06 ​Call Report Modifications ​April 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-05 ​Statement on Reporting Loss Mitigation Efforts of Securitized Subprime Residential Mortgages ​March 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-04 ​State of the Credit Union Industry as of December 31, 2007 ​March 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-03 ​Reporting of Currency Transactions for Sole Proprietorships And Legal Entities Operating Under a “Doing Business As” Name ​February 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-02 ​Community Development Revolving Loan Fund Technical Assistance Grant Program ​February 2008 ​Active
​08-CU-01 ​Guidance on Pandemic Planning ​December 2007 ​Active