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Letters to Credit Unions - 2002

​Number ​Subject Encl​ ​Date ​Status
​02-CU-18 ​Expansion of Credit Union Peer Groups ​N/A ​December 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-17 ​e-Commerce Guide for Credit Unions ​N/A ​December 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-16 ​Protection of Credit Union Internet Addresses PDF​ ​December 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-15 ​Credit Union Financial Trends for the First Half of 2002 PDF ​September 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-14 ​Detection of Terrorist Financing ​N/A ​September 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-13 ​Vendor Information Systems & Technology Reviews – Summary Results ​N/A ​July 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-12 ​Security Program Considerations ​N/A ​July 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-11 ​E-mail Contact Information for Rapid Dissemination of Critical Information N/A​ ​June 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-10 ​Future Computer System Requirements for Processing Electronic Call Reports (Forms 5300 and 5300SF) and Report of Officials ​N/A ​June 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-09 Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses ​N/A ​June 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-08 ​Account Aggregation Services ​N/A ​April 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-07 ​Financial Trends in Federally Insured Credit Unions January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001 ​N/A ​April 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-06 ​National Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Month ​N/A ​April 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-05 ​Examination Program Liquidity Questionnaire PDF ​March 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-04 ​Compliance with Federal Flood Insurance Requirements PDF ​February 2002 ​Inactive
​02-CU-03 ​Changes to the 2002 Call Report, Form 5300 ​N/A ​January 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-02 ​NCUA’s Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Examination Program ​N/A ​February 2002 ​Active
​02-CU-01 ​Financial Trends in Federally Insured Credit Unions ​N/A ​January 2002 ​Active