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Letters to Credit Unions - 1999

​Number ​Subject Encl​ ​Date ​Status
​99-CU-19 ​Guidance on Year 2000 Information Security Precautions ​N/A ​December 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-18 The NCUA Central Liquidity Facility Expedited Y2K Procedures ​N/A ​November 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-17 ​Guidance for Credit Unions that Use More than One Name ​N/A ​October 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-16 ​Final Preparations for the Century Date Rollover ​N/A ​October 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-15 ​Financial Trends in Federally Insured Credit Unions ​N/A ​October 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-14 ​Changes to the September 1999 Call Report ​N/A ​September 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-13 ​Guidance on Year 2000 Fraud Prevention ​N/A ​August 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-12 ​Real Estate Lending and Balance Sheet Risk Management ​N/A ​August 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-11 ​Additional Information on Year 2000 Liquidity Planning ​N/A ​May 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-10 ​Year 2000 Systems Conversions ​N/A ​May 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-09 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Year 2000 Business Resumption Contingency Planning ​N/A ​May 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-08 ​Year 2000 (Y2K) Checklist For Customers ​N/A ​May 1999 ​Inactive
​99-CU-07 ​Restructuring of the national Small Credit Union Program (SCUP) ​N/A ​April 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-06 ​Request for Comments on Draft Revised Call Report; NCUA Form Number 5300 ​N/A ​April 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-05 ​Risk-Based Lending ​N/A ​June 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-04 ​Credit Union financial Trends During 1998 ​N/A ​March 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-03 ​Year 2000 Federal Insurance Brochure ​N/A ​March 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-02 ​Year 2000 Liquidity Planning ​N/A ​March 1999 ​Active
​99-CU-01 ​Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Year 2000 Contingency Planning ​N/A ​January 1999 ​Active