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Letters to Credit Unions - 1995

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl ​Date ​Status
​​95-CU-183 ​1996 Call Report Changes N/A​ ​November 1995 ​Active
​95-CU-182 FAS 115 - Investments ​N/A​ November 1995 Active
​​95-CU-181 ​1996 Operating Fee ​N/A​ ​November 1995 Active
​​95-CU-180 ​Criminal Referral Reporting (Changes) ​N/A​ ​October 1995 ​Cancelled
​​95-CU-179 ​AIRES Examination Program ​N/A​ ​September 1995 Active
​​95-CU-178 ​Guidance on Currency Transaction Report ​N/A​ September 1995 ​Inactive
​​95-CU-177 ​Financial Trends - First Half of 1995 ​N/A​ September 1995 ​Inactive
​​95-CU-175 ​Changes to Bank Secrecy Act ​N/A​ September 1995 Active
​​95-CU-174 Risk-Based Loans​ ​N/A​ August​ 1995 ​Active
​​95-CU-173 ​Bank Secrecy Act Amendments (Funds Transfers) ​N/A​ July​ 1995 ​Active
​​95-CU-172 ​Bank Secrecy Act - Revised Currency Transaction Report ​N/A​ ​June 1995 ​Inactive
​​95-CU-171 FAS 116: Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made ​N/A​ June​ 1995 ​Inactive
​​95-CU-170 ​Automated Clearinghouse - Deposits for Processing Activities ​N/A​ ​May 1995 ​Active
​​95-CU-169 ​Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs) ​N/A​ April​ 1995 ​Active
​95-CU-168 ​Corporate Credit Unions' Requirements for Insurance - Proposed Rule N/A​ ​April 1995 ​Cancelled
​​95-CU-167 ​CAMEL Rating System Modifications ​N/A​ May​ 1995 Active
​​95-CU-166 ​Financial Trends - 1994 ​N/A​ March​ 1995 Inactive
​​95-CU-165 ​FFIEC Risk Management Planning Seminar ​N/A​ April​ 1995 ​Cancelled
​​95-CU-164 ​Items Added to Call Report - for Reporting Cycles in 1995 ​N/A​ February​ 1995 Cancelled
​95-CU-163 ​Sanctions Against Select Foreign Countries ​N/A January 1995 ​Active