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Letters to Credit Unions - 1994

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl ​Date ​Status
​94-CU-162 ​Truth-in-Savings Act Compliance ​N/A ​December 1994 ​Active
​​94-CU-161 ​CAMEL Rating System Revisions ​​N/A ​December 1994 ​Active
​​94-CU-160 ​Call Report Changes for 1995 ​​N/A ​November 1994 ​Cancelled
​​94-CU-159 ​Operating Fee for 1995 ​​N/A ​November 1994 ​Cancelled
​​94-CU-158 ​Provisions of the Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994 ​​N/A ​October 1994 ​Inactive
​​94-CU-157 ​Selection and Use of Brokers (HYM) ​​N/A ​September 1994 ​Active
​​94-CU-156 ​Financial Trends - First Half of 1994 ​​N/A ​September 1994 ​Inactive
​​94-CU-155 ​Credit Union Investment in Mutual Funds ​​N/A ​April 1994 ​Active
​​94-CU-154 ​Credit Unions' Lending Policies ​​N/A ​April 1994 ​Active
​​94-CU-153 ​Decline in the Number of Small CUs ​​N/A ​April 1994 ​Active
​94-CU-152 Financial Trends - 1993 ​N/A ​March 1994 ​Inactive