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Letters to Credit Unions - 1993

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl​ ​Date ​Status
​93-CU-151 Summary Statistics for the 1992 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Data Reported N/A​ ​December 1993 ​Inactive
​93-CU-150 ​Sale of Mutual Funds, Annuities, and Other Non-Deposit Investments ​N/A ​December 1993 ​Cancelled
​93-CU-149 ​Operating Fee Invoice for 1994 ​N/A ​November 1993 ​Cancelled
​93-CU-148 ​Truth-in-Savings Regulation ​N/A ​November 1993 ​Inactive
​93-CU-147 ​Financial Trends - First Half of 1993 ​N/A ​August 1993 ​Inactive
​93-CU-146 ​Yields on assets ​N/A ​August 1993 ​Active
​93-CU-145 ​Financial trends for 1992 ​N/A March 1993 ​Inactive
​93-CU-144 ​CAMEL Rating System Revisions ​N/A ​March 1993 ​Cancelled
​93-CU-143 ​Extension of Comment Period for Proposed Truth-in-Savings Rule ​N/A ​March 1993 ​Cancelled
​93-CU-142 ​Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Policy Statement - Money Laundering ​N/A ​February 1993 ​Cancelled