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Letters to Credit Unions - 1987

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl ​Date ​Status
87-CU​-94 ​Financial Statement Classification of FCU Member Share Accounts ​N/A ​November 1987 ​Active
87-CU​-93 CAMEL Rating System N/A​ ​September 1987 ​Cancelled
87-CU​-92 ​NCUA Opinions on the Legality of Mutual Funds ​N/A ​August 1987 ​Inactive
87-CU​-91 Guidance and Investment​ ​N/A ​June 1987 ​Cancelled
87-CU​-90 ​Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act ​N/A ​May 1987 ​Active
87-CU​-89 ​Investment Trading Policies ​N/A ​April 1987 ​Inactive
87-CU​-88 Home Equity Lending ​N/A ​March 1987 ​Cancelled
​87-CU-87 ​Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 ​N/A ​February 1987 ​Cancelled
​87-CU-86 ​Financial Performance Report for December 1986 ​N/A ​May 1987 ​Cancelled