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Letters to Credit Unions - 1982

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl​ ​Date ​Status
​82-CU-72 ​Letter from the President congratulating NCUA ​N/A ​December 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-71 ​Questionnaire - Study of Directors' Compensation ​N/A ​December 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-70 ​Bylaw Amendments - Par Value of Shares, Optional Credit Committee, Officer Titles ​N/A ​November 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-69 ​Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 N/A​ ​October 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-68 ​NCUA Return to an Annual Examination Program ​N/A ​October 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-67 ​Standard Amendment to Article XII, Section 8 of FCU Bylaws ​N/A ​August 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-66 ​Repurchase Agreements ​N/A ​July 1982 ​Active
​82-CU-65 ​Criteria Used to Establish an Allowance for Loan Losses ​N/A ​May 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-64 ​Discontinuance of NCUA 1125, CU Financial Report ​N/A ​May 1982 ​Cancelled
82-CU​-63 ​Standard Amendment to Article XIX, Section 7 of FCU Bylaws ​N/A ​March 1982 ​Cancelled
​82-CU-62 ​Discontinuance of Records Preservation Program ​N/A ​February 1982 Cancelled​
82-CU​-61 ​Onsite Visits to FCUs ​N/A ​February 1982 ​Cancelled