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Letters to Credit Unions - 1980

Note - Inactive or cancelled letters may not be available.

​Number ​Subject Encl​ ​Date ​Status
​80-CU-53 Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation E ​N/A ​December 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-52 ​Waiver/Reserve Requirements (4th Quarter of 1980) ​​N/A ​December 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-51 ​Monetary Control Act - Regulation D ​​​N/A ​October 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-50 ​Community Services Administration's Rural Development Loan Program - Final Reg ​​​N/A ​October 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-49 ​Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions - Regulation D ​​​N/A ​October 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-48 ​Waiver/Reserve Requirements (3rd quarter, 1980) ​​​N/A ​October 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-47 ​Early Warning System Codes ​​​N/A ​October 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-46 ​Truth-in-Lending Enforcement ​​​N/A ​September 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-45 ​National Consumer Education Week ​​​N/A ​September 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-44 ​Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act ​​​N/A ​September 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-43 ​Proposed Replacement Forms for Financial Statements ​​​N/A ​August 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-42 ​Waiver of Reserve Requirements (2nd/1980) ​​​N/A ​May 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-41 ​Share Draft Legislation ​​​N/A ​May 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-40 ​Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation E and FCUs ​​​N/A ​May 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-39 ​Federal Reserve Board Credit Restraint Program ​​​N/A ​April 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-38 ​Part 701, NCUA Rules and Regs (loan rates >12%) ​​​N/A ​April 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-37 ​Dollar Price Repurchase Agreement ​​​N/A ​April 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-36 ​Waiver/Reserve Requirements (1st 1980) ​​​N/A ​March 1980 ​Cancelled
​80-CU-35 ​Amendments to Section 701.35(g) of NCUA Rules and Regulations ​​​N/A ​January 1980 ​Cancelled