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Hurricane and Disaster Information

Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Recovery Information

While we always hope for the best, it is prudent that we plan and prepare for the worst.

To that end, NCUA urges all federally insured credit unions to perform periodic routine reviews of their disaster preparedness and response plans. These plans should be commensurate with the complexity of operations and focus on minimizing interruptions of service to members and maintaining member confidence in times of an emergency. Previous disasters have provided many hard lessons when it comes to disaster preparedness and response, including the following:

  • Implement pre-disaster actions to ensure a constant state of readiness and take steps to safeguard assets and vital records if an early warning is received;
  • Communicate disaster preparedness and response efforts before, during, and after an emergency to keep members, volunteers, employees, and regulators fully aware of the situation;
  • Utilize a cross-section of people to develop, test, and implement disaster preparedness and response plans;
  • Ensure back-ups are available for not only data but also personnel, worksites, equipment, vendors, and other resources; and
  • Treat disaster preparedness and response plans as living documents that need to be updated as circumstance change.


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