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IT Related Rules and Regulations

Interpretive Ruling and Policy Statements (IRPS)

This section of NCUA's web site provides reference material related to Information Technology (IT) - including e-Commerce. This guidance is intended to assist credit unions with the planning, implementation and evaluation of IT operations and initiatives.

Rules and Regulations

Examination of Independent Credit Union Service Centers (46 Fed. Reg. 44421; Sept. 4, 1981)

                 R&R                 ​DATE        ISSUED       ​TITLE
​12 CFR Part 748 ​04/14/2005 ​Security Program and Appendix B - Guidance on Response Programs  for Unauthorized Access to Member Information and Member Notice.
​12 CFR Part 740 ​SEPT 19, 2002 ​Accuracy of Advertising and Notice of Insured Status - Addresses the adequacy of notification regarding the availability of federal share insurance when using the Internet to engage transactions.
​12 CFR Part 721 ​JUL 26, 2001 ​Federal Credit Union Incidental Powers Activities - Identifies activities deemed to be within the incidental powers of a federal credit union. Electronic  Financial Services and Stored Value Products are addressed.
​12 CFR Part 748 ​JAN 18, 2001 ​Security Program and Appendix A - Guidelines for Safeguarding Member Information
​12 CFR Part 716 ​JUN 5, 2000 ​Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
​12 CFR Parts 716 and 741 ​MAY 8, 2000 ​Privacy of Consumer Financial Information; Requirements for Insurance

These items have been incorporated into the latest version of the NCUA Rules and Regulations. Please, use the above referenced information to view any of these sections in their entirety. Once the document is opened, scroll down the index on the left to the appropriate part(s). This is a large file and may take some time to open.


Interpretive Ruling and Policy Statements (IRPS)

​81-6 ​09/1981 ​Examination of Independent Credit Union Service Centers (46 Fed. Reg. 44421; Sept. 4, 1981)

If you have questions or comments about the information provided on these IT pages, please send them to the NCUA Office of Examination and Insurance.