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IT Related Letters to Credit Unions

​NCUA is providing the following reference material to assist you with IT Issues.

13-CU-01 Supervisory Focus for 2013 January 2013
11-CU-09 Online Member Authentication Guidance Compliance Required by January 2012 June 2011
10-CU-10 ​2010 Hurricane Season and Ongoing Disaster, Emergency, and Pandemic Preparedness and Planning June 2010​
09-CU-01 Risk Management of Remote Deposit Capture ​January 2009
06-CU-13 ​Authentication for Internet Based Services ​August 2006
06-CU-10 ​IT Security Compliance Guide ​June 2006
05-CU-20 ​Phishing Guidance for Credit Unions and Their Members December 2005​
05-CU-18 ​Guidance on Authentication in Internet Banking Environment ​November 2005
03-CU-14 ​Computer Software Patch Management September 2003​
03-CU-08 ​Weblinking:  Identifying Risks and Risk Management Techniques April 2003​
03-CU-03 ​Wireless Technology March 2003​
02-CU-17 ​e-Commerce Guide for Credit Unions December 2002​
02-CU-16 ​Protection of Credit Union Internet Addresses ​December 2002
02-CU-08 ​Account Aggregation Services ​April 2002
01-CU-20 ​Due Diligence Over Third Party Service Providers ​November 2001
01-CU-12 ​e-Commerce Insurance Considerations ​October 2001
00-CU-11 ​Risk Management of Outsourced Technology Services December 2000​
97-CU-01 ​Automated Response System Controls January 1997​

If you have questions or comments about the information provided on these IT pages, please send them to the NCUA Office of Examination and Insurance.