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ALM Review Procedures

​          TITLE                  ​DESCRIPTION
Letter to CUs 12-CU-05 ​Notifies credit unions of NCUA’s Interest Rate Risk Rule and distributes the Interest Rate Risk questionnaire used during examinations and supervision contacts.


            The ALM Procedures and Asset Valuation Workbook were developed using latest version of

            Microsoft Excel and incorporate features unique to this version. Users of earlier versions of

            Excel may experience difficulty when navigating the spreadsheets.


Interest Rate Risk Questionnaire ​Outlines the procedures examiners will follow to evaluate interest rate risk (Word document and Excel spreadsheet in WinZip format). Replaces Interest Rate Risk Questionnaire issued in Letter to CUs 00-CU-10.
Asset Valuation Workbook ​Tool used by examiners to understand a credit union's potential interest risk rate risk exposure. Examiners will use the results to determine the scope of ALM review.(Excel Spreadsheet in WinZip format)