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Central Liquidity Facility (CLF)

The CLF is a mixed ownership government corporation created to improve the general financial stability of credit unions by serving as a liquidity lender to credit unions experiencing unusual or unexpected liquidity shortfalls. Member credit unions own the CLF which exists within the NCUA. The President of the CLF manages the facility under the oversight of the NCUA Board.

Membership is voluntary and open to all credit unions that purchase a prescribed amount of CLF stock. There are two types of membership, regular (natural person credit unions) and agent (corporate credit unions).

Natural person credit unions may borrow from the CLF either directly as a regular member or indirectly through an agent member.  

Monthly CLF Reports 
Includes the monthly preliminary and unaudited financial highlights reports for the NCUA Central Liquidity Facility.

How to Apply for Regular CLF Membership - A Brief Overview

CLF Application Form (Fillable PDF- click on typewriter icon) 

Recent CLF Lending Activity: 


​Year ​Gross Original Extensions of Credit
​2004 $0​
​2005 $0​​
​2006 $4.1 million​
​2007 $0​​
​2008 $2.8 billion​
​2009​ $18.5 billion​​
​2010 ​$5 million
2011 $0
2012​ $0​
​2013 ​$0


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   Contact us by mail:           NCUA Central Liquidity Facility, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3428