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NCUA Reports, Plans and Statistics

  • Annual Reports

    These reports review the agency's performance and include the audited financial statements for NCUA's four permanent funds. These funds include the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), the NCUA Operating Fund, the Central Liquidity Facility, and the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund.

  • Board Reports

    This is where you will find the Board Action Bulletins which are a summary of actions taken at NCUA Board Meetings.

  • Budget Briefing

    These presentations are of NCUA Board Budget Briefing and Public Forum. The presentations contain estimates that are pre-decisional and subject to change.

  • Central Liquidity Funds Reports

    Includes the monthly preliminary and unaudited financial highlights reports for the NCUA Central Liquidity Facility.

  • Community Charter Reports

    These reports pertain to community conversions, expansions, and new community charter. The reports are provided in a "year to date" format and updated on a quarterly basis.

  • Community Development Revolving Loan Fund (CDRLF) Statements

    Monthly Financial statements, financial footnotes, schedule of outstanding loans, and other information pertaining to the Fund.

  • Credit Union Statistics

    These reports present, in detail, the aggregate financial and statistical information for the nation's federally insured credit unions. Credit Unions provided the data contained in this report by completing the Year-End Call Report.

  • Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

    The 2014 Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) results are very positive for NCUA. NCUA improved its scores from 2013 in 83 percent of the core questions.   

    A consistent theme across NCUA’s highest-scoring responses was our employees’ commitment to do whatever it takes to perform high-quality work and their agreement that the work we do is important.  

    NCUA employees continued to demonstrate their willingness to provide feedback to senior management, with a 68 percent response rate.

    NCUA takes great pride in these EVS scores, but we aim to do even better! We are committed to focusing resources on some of our lower-scoring areas, and Chairman Debbie Matz remains steadfast in her determination to listen to employee feedback and make changes that will continue to improve the working environment for the benefit of all employees.

  • Financial Statement Audits

    These are financial statement audits of the NCUA Operating Fund, the Share Insurance Fund, the Central Liquidity Facility, and the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund that are conducted annually by NCUA's Office of Inspector General and an independent public accounting firm.

  • Financial Trends in Federally Insured Credit Unions

    These quarterly reports present year-to-date financial trends in federally insured credit unions, based on data compiled from Call Reports.

  • Industry At a Glance (IAG)

    Industry at a glance is a quarterly updated quick-look at the key facts and figures of the credit union industry. It is issued with the release of the quarterly call report data.

  • Legislative Summary of Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection

    President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law July 21, 2010. The Legislation is widely viewed as the most sweeping reform of financial regulation since the Great Depression. This PDF is a summary of the Reform and includes a link to the full text.

  • Monthly Activity Report (Insurance Report of Activity)

    This monthly report provides summary statistics for the chartering activity and field of membership actions processed by the Office of consumer Protection's Division of Consumer Access. This report also provides specific details regarding notable events such as large expansions, community charter actions, and charter conversions. In addition the report provides summary and detailed information about mergers approved by NCUA's Regional Offices.

  • Multiple Common Bond Expansion Report

    This report provides year to date summary statistics for the multiple common bond expansion requests processed by the Office of Consumer Protection's Division of consumer Access.

  • National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) Statements

    This section will link you to the monthly preliminary and unaudited financial highlights reports for NCUSIF as well as the slideshow presentations that were presented to the NCUA Board.

  • OMWI Annual Reports to Congress

    These annual reports to Congress by the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion review NCUA’s efforts to hire and contract with minorities and women, as well as to preserve minority depository institutions.

  • Operating Fund Financial Highlights

    This section will show you the monthly financial highlights of the NCUA Operating Fund.

  • Quarterly 5300 Call Report Data

    These files consist of the quarterly 5300 Call Report financial and miscellaneous information from natural person credit unions available from March 1994. Each quarter's Zip file includes data and informational comma delimited text files that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet or database program and queried to create information datasets.

  • Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Budget/Plan

    The Strategic Plan outlines the mission of NCUA as well as the long-term goals for the agency. The Annual Performance Budget (APB) is developed using the strategic plan as its basis. It outlines the annual objectives of NCUA.

  • Trade, Industry or Profession Report

    These reports identify all of the TIPs that have been approved. The reports are in year-to-date format and are updated on a quarterly basis.

  • Underserved Area Reports

    The Underserved Area Report identifies the number of Underserved Areas approved and the number of credit unions expanding into underserved areas. The report is presented in a year-to-date format and is updated quarterly.