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Administrative Orders - 2008

​Name ​Relation to Credit Union and Name of Credit Union ​Docket Number
​Josette L. Williamson ​Former employee of WIT Federal Credit Union, Rochester, NY 08-0018-R1
​Thomas Gerald Hayes ​Former Executive-President of ELGA Credit Union, Burton, Michigan 08-0035-R1
​Sherril C. Millien ​Former Teller at Rockland Employees Federal Credit Union, Spring Valley, New York ​08-0032-R1
​Randal Scott Replogle ​Former ATM Representative at Blair Credit Union, Altoona Regional Health System Federal Credit Union and Huntingdon Federal Credit Union, Altoona, Pennsylvania 08-0034-R2
​Lucinda Sterling ​Former Vice-President of the liquidated Nor-Car Federal Credit Union, Easton, Pennsylvania 08-0024-R2
​Amy M. Taylor ​Former Manager of Hurd Employees Credit Union, Greenville, Tennessee 08-0038-R3
​Aaron Bell ​Former Board Member of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Credit Union, Cicero, Illinois 08-0028-R4
​Ann M. Bryson ​Former Employee of Good Samaritan Employees Federal Credit Union, Cincinnati, Ohio 08-0021-R3
​Patricia H. Sherman ​Former Teller of Obelisk Federal Credit Union, New Albany, Indiana 08-0019-R3
​Betty J. Hargrave ​Former Manager of Kellogg Memphis Employees Federal Credit Union, Syracuse, New York 08-0025-R3
​Pranee Kolesar ​Former Employee of Boeing Helicopters Federal Credit Union, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania ​08-0001-R2
​Linda Mattina ​Former Employee of Long Island State Employees Federal Credit Union, Hauppauge, New York ​08-0026-R1
​Elizabeth Montedoro ​Former Teller of Patriot Federal Credit Union, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania ​08-027-R2
​Anita Hubert ​Former Loan Manager at Community Choice Federal Credit Union, Indianapolis, Indiana 08-0011-R111
​Anne M. Massey ​Former Teller at Simpson Community Credit Union, Shelton, Washington 08-0015-RV
​Patricia A. Russell ​Former Loan Officer and Visa Coordinator for First Kingsport Credit Union, Kingsport, Tennessee 08-00011-R III
​Jason Stewart Dodge ​Former Employee of Huron River Area Credit Union, Ann Arbor, Michigan 08-0010-RI
​Deanne Hall ​Former Teller at Nor-Car Federal Credit Union, Easton, Pennsylvania 07-1202-II
​William A Hamler, III ​Former Employee of Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, Syracuse, New York 08-0008-R1
​Lisa L. Holmes ​Former Supervisor at Baylands Federal Credit Union, West Point, VA 07-1201-II
​Mark E. Kasson; “Kasson requested termination of the prohibition order, the Board denied his request on April 17th , 2008.” ​Former Chief Executive Officer of Credit Union Group Credit Union in Lawrence, Kansas ​08-0002R4
​Linda Leathersich ​Former Teller at 1st Priority Federal Credit Union in Rochester, New York 08-0003-R1
​Mark F. LeCain ​Former President and CEO of Sunshine State Credit Union in Tallahassee, Florida 08-0012-R3
​Sara B. Risewick ​Former Product Manager of St. Pius X Church FCU, Rochester, New York 07-1201-I
​Debra Elaine Finney ​Former Employee of GAF Federal Credit Union, Dallas, Texas 08-0003-R4
​Tiffany Rossin ​Former Loan Officer at Baton Rouge Telco Credit Union, Baton Rouge, Louisiana ​07-1002-III
​Herbert R. Hansen ​Former Manager at  the merged Dorsey Laboratories FCU, Lincoln, Nebraska 07-1001-IV
​Danielle Hartsell ​Former Teller at the former Nor-Car FCU, Easton, Pennsylvania ​08-0101-II
​Kennae Rakeem Jeffries ​Former Employee at Honda FCU, Torrance, California 07-0501-V
​Nathan Marcum ​Former Loan Officer at the former U.S. Employees Butler County Ohio FCU, Fairfield, Ohio 07-0802-III
​Angelica H. Sim ​Former Teller at Coastway Credit Union, Cranston, Rhode Island ​07-0801-I
​Irene Nancy Worona ​Former Teller at Mercer County Community FCU, Sharon, Pennsylvania 07-1001-II


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