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Administrative Orders - 2004

​Name ​Relation to Credit Union and Name of Credit Union ​Docket Number
​Cecilia Duda ​Former Assistant manager, Metrex Federal Credit Union, Kenilworth, NJ ​04-0901-II
​Barbara Dunn ​Former President/Chief Executive Officer, BNSF Credit Union, Amarillo, TX 04-0901-IV
​Monica D. Reese, a.k.a. Monica D. Jandrew ​Former Employee of Alliance Credit Union, San Jose, CA 04-0901-V
​Kissy Juliette Gaston ​Former Loan Credit Analyst, Boeing Employees Credit Union, Tukwila, WA 04-0502-V
​Denise M. Visvydas ​Former Loan Officer, School Employees of Washington Credit Union, Spokane, WA 04-0601- V
​Andre Lewis ​An Institution-Affiliated Party and Person Participating in the Affairs of Richland Teachers Council Federal Credit Union, Columbia, SC 04-0402-III
​Lois B. Brunson ​Former Branch Manager, Civic Federal Credit Union, Rock Hill, SC 04-0501-III
​Carol Angela Chavez ​Former Visa Card Supervisor, Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union, Anchorage, AK 04-0503-V
​Kimberly Braxton ​Former Loan Officer, Shell Employees Houston Texas Federal Credit Union, Houston, TX 04-0503-IV
​Mark G. Mahoney ​Former CEO, Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union, Chicago, IL 04-0501-IV
​Kevin Kingsley ​Former Branch Manager, Marion County Credit Union, Ocala, FL ​04-0502-III
​Thomas Larry Markham ​Former Vice Chairman, Farmers Federal Credit Union, Jacksonville, FL 04-0403-III
​Jawad Dacca ​Former Data Base Administrator, Greater Nevada Credit Union, Carson City, NV 04-0501-V
​Susan Ellis Kirkpatrick ​Former Assistant Manager, Houston Belt & Terminal Federal Credit Union, Houston, TX ​04-0301-IV
​Northeast Arkansas Federal Credit Union ​Cease and Desist Order 04-0502-IV & Stipulations
​Brett C. Roberts ​Former Assistant Manager, Louisiana Public Health Workers Credit Union, Metairie, LA 04-0303-IV
​Angelita Contreras ​Former Assistant Accountant, Heritage USA Federal Credit Union, Midland, TX 04-0302-IV
​Larry V. Cotton ​Institution-Affiliated Party of Midland Teachers Credit Union, Midland, TX 04-0201-IV
​Elizabeth Monell-Higgins ​Former Manager, IRS Buffalo Federal Credit Union, Buffalo, NY ​04-0201-I
​Jim B. Messer ​Institution-Affiliated Party and Person Participating in the Affairs of Wyoming Employees Federal Credit Union, Cheyenne, WY 04-0101-V
​Patty Barnes ​Former Manager of Roosevelt County Credit Union, Portales, NM 03-1201-V
​Tammy D. Bramwell ​Former President of Metro East Credit Union, Cahokia, IL 03-1201-IV
​Jennifer Mendez ​Former Call Representative, The Golden One Credit Union, Sacramento, CA 04-0102-V
​George W. Cashman ​Former Board Member, New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union, Arlington, Massachusetts 04-0102-I
​William H. Carnes ​Former Board Member, New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union, Arlington, Massachusetts ​04-0101-I


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