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Bylaw Amendment Opinions by Year

                       2010 -Present

11-0980RIndemnification of Officials
11-1207RRequest to Require a Majority of Members Voting to Approve a Field of Membership Amendment
11-0562RPersons living in a household with directors or committee members.
11-0107RNominating Committee Vetting & Motions
10-0252RNominee Qualifications and Requirements


01-1218Board of Directors Meetings
01-1113Elections; Ballots
01-1110Members; Common Bond; Pensioners Defined
01-1021Accounts; Depository Guidelines
01-0824Entrance Fee; Par Value
01-0756Pensioners Defined; Amendment Process
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09-1046RBoard Meeting Procedures, Loan Officer Duties - Bylaw Amendment Opinions
09-0704RAnnual Meeting, Notice, Election Procedures, Board Composition & Responsibilities
08-0932RDirector Eligibility Qualifications
08-0538RVarious Housekeeping Items
08-0215RNonstandard Bylaw Amendment
08-0109RLoan Review Committee - Bylaw Amendment
07-1114RConfidentiality & Indemnification
07-1030RNomination Procedures
07-0920RNomination Petition Requirements
07-0919Term Limits for FCU Board Chair
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97-1256Membership Share; Annual Meeting Notice; Nominations by Petition
97-1058Attendance Requirement for Committees
97-1015ALoans to Nonnatural Persons
97-0940Nonstandard Bylaw Amendment - Your Memorandum dated September 12, 1997.
97-0939Restrictions on Credit Union Employment
97-0932Loan Review Committee
97-0723Board Meetings by Audio or Video Conference
97-0424Board Eligibility
96-0616Age for Voting or Office
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05-1228RIncreasing required percentage of signatures on nominating petition; removal of director for nonattendance; election timeframes
05-1226RSelection of Supervisory Committee Members
05-0928RTerm limits for board president
05-0912R; 05-1235RMajority Vote Required for Conversion Proposal
05-0713RCommittee members, board meetings, special meetings
05-0712RJoint accounts; length of directors' terms; prohibiting compensation for members of board or committees
05-0707R Loan review committee
05-0432REmployees Serving on Board
05-0430RNumber of directors
05-0214RSpecial meeting regarding conversion
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                    Prior to 1994

93-1136Loans to Charitable Organizations
93-1119Loan Review Committee
93-0942Dormant Accounts
93-0922Transfer Fees
93-0841Loan Review Committee
93-0836Age Requirements
93-0835Board Meetings by Audio or Video Conferencing
93-0824Supervisory Committee Member Terms
93-0823Nominations by Petition
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