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Private Sector Meetings on FSOC Matters

NCUA has voluntarily implemented a disclosure policy covering the meetings of senior NCUA officials with private sector representatives about matters related to the work of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, which the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act created. This FSOC disclosure policy supplements the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act that apply to notice and comment rulemaking, and NCUA is taking this voluntary step to promote further transparency.

Information on this page is released as it becomes available, and it includes the date of the meeting, the NCUA participants, the name and affiliation of the private sector individuals who meet with senior NCUA officials to express substantive views about FSOC matters, and an overview of the issue or issues discussed in the meeting.


​Topics of Discussion ​Person Visited ​Date and Time ​Visitor ​Affiliation ​Materials
​Asset Manager Study ​Worth, John D. ​11/26/2013 ​Barbara Novick, Vice Chairman
Kathryn Fulton, Managing Director
​BlackRock ​No
​FSOC and Asset Managers Study ​Matz, Debbie
Worth, John D
​11/13/2013 ​David Flattum, Andrew Stevens,
Libby Cantrill
​BlackRock's operations and public policy priorities; BlackRock's views of FSOC asset management study; SIFI designation process ​Matz, Debbie
Worth, John D.
​10/17/2013 ​Barabara Novick, Vice Chairman Kathryn Fulton, Managing Director ​BlackRock ​Yes