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Suspicious Activity Report

"All financial institutions operating in the United States, including insured banks, savings associations, savings association service corporations, credit unions, bank holding companies, non-bank subsidiaries of bank holding companies, Edge and Agreement corporations, and U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks, are required to make this report following the discovery of: insider abuse involving any amount, violations aggregating $5,000 or more where a suspect can be identified, violations aggregating $25,000 or more regardless of a potential suspect, or transactions aggregating $5,000 or more that involve potential money laundering or violations of the Bank Secrecy Act..." - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, US Department of the Treasury
Do not include any supporting documentation with the suspicious activity report. Identify and retain a copy of the suspicious activity report and all original supporting documentation or business record equivalent for five years from the date of the suspicious activity report. All supporting documentation must be made available to appropriate authorities upon request.


Suspicious Activity Report Forms

New TDF 90-22.47 (SAR for Depository Institutions) - For use beginning July 1, 2003. Previous versions of SAR form will not be accepted after December 31, 2003.
(SAR Preparation Guidelines - PDF)
(SAR Software Version 5.0) - located on the FINCEN web site
(SAR Magnetic Media Specifications)


Other Information About the Suspicious Activity Report

00-CU-04 - Suspicious Activity Reporting - Letter to Credit Unions in PDF