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Accounting Bulletins

13-01​ ​This Accounting Bulletin transmits the Interagency Supervisory Guidance Addressing Certain Issues Related To Troubled Debt Restructurings (the Interagency Guidance). NCUA encourages credit unions to work constructively with borrowers and view prudent restructurings as positive actions when they mitigage credit risk.
BulletinInteragency Supervisory Guidance

The Accounting Bulletin transmits interagency supervisory guidance specifically addressing  junior lien loans and lines of credit; however, the guidance contains principles that apply to estimating the ALLL for all types of loans.  Institutions are reminded to follow appropriate risk management principles in managing junior lien loans and lines of credit.   This supervisory guidance applies to all credit unions supervised by the National Credit Union Administration and insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.  Bulletin | Interagency Supervisory Guidance


This bulletin transmits interagency guidance addressing supervisory considerations related to bargain purchase gains and the impact such gains have on the merger approval process. This guidance also highlights the accounting and reporting requirements unique to mergers resulting in bargain purchase gains and FDIC - and NCUA - assisted acquisitions of failed institutions (assisted acquisitions). Bulletin, Interagency Supervisory Guidance


​The bulletin provides an update on the regulatory reporting requirements related to the Corporate Stabilization Activity and the effect on the NCUSIF Deposit and Premium Assessment. PDF


​This bulletin provides guidance on regulatory reporting related to recent NCUA Board actions to stabilize the corporate credit union system. PDF


​To present a regulatory accounting practice in the basic accounting for NCUA grants received by small credit unions, i.e., credit unions under $10 million in assets. PDF 


​This bulletin eliminates the regulatory accounting practice of recording Donated Equity upon the receipt of tangible fixed asset donations of material value in favor of following generally accepted accounting principles recognizing income. PDF 


​Interagency Advisory addressing the ALLL that reiterates key concepts and requirements including GAAP and existing ALLL supervisory guidance. Bulletin, Policy, FAQ , All documents combined


Guidance for the sale of held-to-maturity (HTM) debt securities under Statement No. 115, Accounting for Certain Investments in Debt and Equity Securities, for federally insured credit unions materially affected by hurricane Katrina.


Interagency Advisory on Accounting and Reporting for Commitments to Originate and Sell Mortgage Loans


Update on Accounting for Loan and Lease Losses 


Joint Interagency Policy (with enclosures) 


To amend the “Accounting Manual for Federal Credit Unions” to provide accounting guidance with regard to costs a credit union incurs to modify systems and systems software to make it Year 2000 compliant