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Credit Union Applications

  • 5300 Call Report Quarterly Data Files

    Here you will find links to four NCUA financial applications to 1) access the 5300 Quarterly Call Report compressed data files; 2) access the Quarterly Call Report Data Summary spreadsheets; 3) access all past and present Quarterly 5300 Call Report Forms; and 4) access the Quarterly Aggregate Financial Performance Reports (FPRs).

  • Corporate Credit Union Report of Officials Software

    If you are a Corporate Credit Union and need a copy of the Report of Officials Software please call the NCUA Technical Support Desk at 1-800-827-3255.

  • Corporate Reports

    Go to this site to display financial information for corporate credit unions, or to download a Corporate 5310 Report.

  • Credit Union and Bank Rates

    The charts accessible through these links compare the national average rates for 23 common loan and deposit products at banks and credit unions, as well as the average rates for these same products at banks that converted from credit unions. Datatrac, Inc. (, an independent company that tracks interest rates and terms at financial institutions nationwide, is the source of the data for these charts.

  • Credit Union Contact Information  (Data Query 1) 

    This application emails a text file of credit union information to the requester. The file contains the federal charter number, the credit union name and mailing address, it's telephone and fax numbers, the hours of operation, the names of the credit union's president and its manager, and the main office location address.

  • Credit Union Chartering Events (Data Query 2)

    This application emails a text file of credit union information to the requester. The file contains charters that have undergone some event (merger, conversion, liquidation [voluntary/involuntary], purchase/assumption, or cancellation). All data is from mid-year 1984 to current, and includes the charter number, credit union name, the event date (format: yymmdd) and type, and the "surviving" (or resulting) charter number.

  • Credit Union Online - Credit Union Profile and 5300 Call Report

    Credit Union Online is an integrated web-based program used by credit unions and state supervisory agencies to capture and display credit union information and financial data. It is composed of two parts: the Credit Union Profile and the Online 5300 Call Report. This online system replaced the software-based 5300 data collection program in September, 2009.

  • Credit Union Merger Data (Data Query 3)

    This application emails to the requester a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of completed mergers for the last 3 years. Information supplied in the spreadsheet includes the merged credit union's name and address, the merger date, "join number" (the number used to track credit unions across all events) and charter number, and the new credit union name and join number.

  • Custom Query

    The Custom Query provides an easy-to-use interface for viewing (on-line) a subset of general credit union information and financial data based on user-supplied selection criteria. Selection criteria includes a maximum of six combinations of charter number, region code, credit union type, city, state, zip code, assets, loans, shares, investments, real estate mortgages, and net income.

  • Financial Performance Report

    The Financial Performance Report (FPR) is a financial analysis tool derived from Call Report quarterly data. The FPR is used to measure the financial performance and trends of a credit union or group of credit unions. The FPR presents data in the form of ratios, percentages, dollar amounts, and graphs for selected ratios. The FPR also presents peer ratios for comparison to credit unions of similar asset size. FPRs for individual credit unions are available shortly after a credit union’s Call Report data has been submitted and validated by the regulator. Peer ratios and aggregate FPRs for the most recent cycle are normally available within six to eight weeks of the cycle date.

  • FOM Application

    The FOM Internet Application (FOMIA) is for use by NCUA member credit unions to make changes to their field of membership. This system can be used for adding associational and/or occupational groups as well as the non-natural person corporate account associated with that group.

  • Recently Updated 5300 Filings

    This utility provides a report and link to 5300 Call Report Filings that have been updated in the last 90 days. You may search for a particular credit union or a group of credit unions using this utility.

  • Research a Credit Union

    The Research a Credit Union utility is a multipurpose tool for use by consumers and the credit union community. This utility is used to locate a credit union(s) based on a variety of search parameters such as credit union name, address, city, state, active or inactive status, field of membership type, and low income designation. Once a credit union is selected, the following information may be viewed: credit union contacts, main office and branch locations, online services and programs, regulatory information, and Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) information.

  • Share Insurance Calculators and Toolkit

    Two Share Insurance calculators are available for use (one for individuals, and one for credit unions)
    to calculate the insurance coverage for individual accounts, and one for a credit union to estimate
    their operating fee for the current year. Share Insurance Toolkit contains a variety of helpful resources regarding NCUA's Share Insurance protection. Credit union members can easily see if their credit union is federally insured, and can use the E-Calculator to determine their individual accounts' Share Insurance coverage.